What a wild Hike

The journey of Hike has been tough one. But, today starts the beginning of newness.

2 years ago I began designing a group journaling app for families. Over the course of these years many iterations were done but soon we’d release a beta to several gracious individuals. “Think Spring” was the phrase. But then something happened…

Since December no work progressed on the app. The development was at a standstill. I was patient. Good things come to though that wait. Then it was gone.While it wasn’t my code it was my design and vision. I was hurt.

Hike had to exist, so…

I went back to the foundational reasons of building Hike. The problem is navigating conflict, struggles, and obstacles we face mentally and emotionally with ourselves and others. A journaling app made sense and it’s a tool that may come later.

But, that was now out of scope…

Then it hit me.

I was reminded how during my therapy journey I had resources from my therapist like prompts, exercises, and tools that were very helpful for me. But they definitely weren’t organized.What if I created a library of these resources to help assist others?

In a matter of weeks Hike went from a different take on a group journaling app to a sidekick for one’s mental health journey.

You never fully know the journey an idea will take and become. But, I’m happy and thankful it’s here!