From WordPress to Webflow and fully designed in Figma using Relume for their bold, new brand.

2 weeks
One Branding

I learned a lot with this project. This would mark the first project where I took the lead on the design phase of the project after branding was completed.

The goal was to design several pages in Figma that would be handed off to a Webflow Developer. For the first time I would only be in Figma handling the design. Rather than complete only 80% of the design in Figma to then finish in Webflow I had to design all 100%.

Biggest takeaway was improving the overall process from research and ideation to wire-framing and design. For instance, having a strong icon set for assets brought out the new branding, but the photography coming later to fill in placeholders wasn't the right move.

Again, I learned a lot with this one. Especially with using components and auto layouts within Figma to speed things up and keep things consistent since I wasn't developing—less room for interpretation and assumption. Overall, I used the Relume library and Box Icon set to expand on their refreshed, bold branding.