• Life
  • Apr 7, 2023

I wanted to be an architect

I was the glue in my family

I am always the one laughing

I am always the one frustrated

I am hard on myself

I was part of a few friend groups

I thought I had many best friends

I went to college to pursue my dream

I started standing up for myself

I started leading

I was told a divorce was coming

I stayed up late

I stopped wanting to be an architect

I got lost

I have always struggled communicating

I quickly found my skill in nonverbals

I spent three days on a cover letter

I pioneered the future of retail

I plateaued

I fell in love with words

I fell in love with someone special

I fell in love so hard that I proposed

I felt alive

I felt purpose

I felt responsibility

I was working for God

I was designing for God

I was again told a divorce

I lost touch with myself

I lost touch with my marriage

I got lost in my work

I put myself first

I now only have myself

I was alone

I was hurt

I seeked therapy

I seeked a healthy me

I seeked validation

I fear abandonment

I love words of affirmation

I love words

I love myself

I am a new me

I still laugh

I still get frustrated

I still am hard on myself

I gained a best friend

I was vulnerable

I was open

I had my trust in him

I had a brother

I am a brother

I trust in Him

I got called to create

I got to create to help families

I got to help with mental health

I returned back to working for God

I knew this was different

I knew this was purpose

I gained another best friend

I was vulnerable

I was open

I have my trust in her

I love her and the love she has for me

I am her teammate

I am broken

I lost him

I don’t know why and never will

I thankfully have Him

I will keep going and growing

I will keep working for Him

I have faith

I am alive

And so is He