The first time using the Relume Library for a one-page Webflow website.

Design and Development
2 Weeks
One Branding

To meet the budget, normally a template would be chosen and we'd develop from there to make it fit the content and overall brand style.

However, using the Relume library proved to be faster and easier since the branding was just recently refreshed.

This simple new website was built entirely using components from Relume. All of the icons were found on the Noun Project with color being applied. Also, overall some subtle animation was done to keep the viewer interested as they continued to scroll. They key here was to not animate every heading, paragraph, or element. When everything is animated non of it feels animated or stands out. Animation should be subtle and purposeful. I continued my stance on this for this simple website project where many would go another direction.

This only took 1 week for web development from raw layout and content implemented to fully styled and ready for client transfer.